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Hi. Thanks for visiting my bℓog :D Hope you ℓike it. Pℓease comment and add me on Youtube & Myspace ℓots of ℓove - Jackyℓicious <3

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Jackyℓicious x fifteen years oℓd x Germany - Düsseℓdorf x taken by the most beautifuℓ person on earth x ℓoves music <3

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This wiℓℓ teℓℓ you more about my endℓess ℓovestory <3

 His name is Michaeℓ, he's fifteen now and he's ℓivin' in the same town. We're going to the same schooℓ, but not in the same cℓasses. He got green eyes and bℓond hair, he's taℓℓ &' beautifuℓ. I ℓove everything about him ...

I ℓove his smiℓe, his eyes, his hair, his body and his personaℓity. He can make me smiℓe, he can ℓisten if i want to taℓk or if i'm angry, i'm his princess, he wouℓd do anything for me. He's what i ever wanted.

Everything started in the 7th cℓass. We were in the same reℓigion-course. The first time i saw him was when he smiℓes, but he didn't smiled to me, he smiℓed to an other girℓ ... I don't ℓike this girℓ since she's on our schooℓ. Anyway .. he ℓooks so beautifuℓ if he smiℓes ... I meℓt away. After 1 year I changed the course. Then i found him on a page for pupiℓs, i add him and he wrote back :D

So we wrote everyday ... nothing was more important than him. It was the 5th November 07 at this evening he ask me with who i'm in ℓove. I said i'ℓℓ teℓℓ him if he teℓℓs me the same. And then he said he's in ℓove with me and I was so ℓucky. At the first time everybody toℓd us that we wouℓdn't ℓook good together, but we don't care about those stupid comments. We made it trough everything.

I ℓove him more than everything eℓse in the worℓd. He's my everything, the greatest ℓove of aℓℓ. I don't want to ℓose him or ℓive without him. He's makin' me ℓucky, he gives me everything i want <3