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Hi. Thanks for visiting my bℓog :D Hope you ℓike it. Pℓease comment and add me on Youtube & Myspace ℓots of ℓove - Jackyℓicious <3

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Jackyℓicious x fifteen years oℓd x Germany - Düsseℓdorf x taken by the most beautifuℓ person on earth x ℓoves music <3

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 My name's Jaqueline Monique,but my friends call me Jacky. I'm fifteen years old and I'll turn sixteen on August, 25.
I'm from germany and I'm taken since 13 months by the most beautiful person on earth.
My friends would describe me as friendly, loyal, honestly, funny, lovely and some times, they say I'm a smart person.
I think I'm a good friend, if they've got problems they can call me everytime. I'm also a good listener.
To the describtion of my friends I just have to add that I'm freaky, open for every fun, crazy and I'm complicated in some ways. When I grow up I wanna be a smart person,
I wanna have a good job, a little family and all this stuff. Actually, I wanna become a musician - but I know it's impossible so I'd like to build a restaurant or a hotel.
My dad says I'm to good to work in something like that, so I'm going to look what else I can so.
 Music means everything to me, without music it feels like there's something missing in my life. The best thing about singing is you can tell people what's going on in your life, if it's a sad love song you can reach their hearts with your feelings. It's not all about getting rich and famous.
I like to sing, go out for shopping, go to cinema, watch movies, listen to music, learn languages, make homepages, take photos, write with other people, read books.
I also like Spain, France, beaches & sunshine, my iPod, nailpolish, candlelight, my Friends, chocolate, parfuem, parties, shoes, languages, United Kingdom, Sprite, basketball and good movies. I hate to walk through the rain, go to school if I'm tired, to talk to people I don't like, to hear rude things about me, to listen to stuff which isn't interesting. I also hate bitches, playas, cigaretts, drugs, alcohole, rain and some people. Now you know more about me than the most of people from my school. Thanks for visiting my Myspace. If you have any other questions, write me a message or leave me a comment. Maybe you can visit also my Channel on Youtube and leave me a comment, rate my songs and subsribe my Channel?