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Helly Everyone

Just wanted to tell you my opinion about Twilight. So here's my story.

One month ago my friends were talking about the book and said " OMG It's better than Harry Potter " and I just thought " Oh shut up you're wrong " and I was really pissed off 'cause they were talking about Twilight the whole time. In lessons my friend wanted me to watch the trailer and I said ok, why not?
Yeah, of course, I've forgotten to watch it and she reminds me to watch the trailer after .. erm.. 3 weeks again :x
But then, I really watched the trailer and since the moment I saw that Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward I was blown away.
It's not that I didn't like him since Twilight ~ I liked him before.
At the next day I went to my friend for asking her to give me her book for reading and after 3-4 days I finished the book.
If was so hard to resist to read more 'cause it's so amazing and everytime you want to know what's going to happen with Bella and Edward so it takes you into an other world.
I was so into the book, I even heard their voices in my head. I really couldn't stop reading and yeah, I cried at the end of the book. Everyone should really read this awesome book.
Today, I'm really obsessed with Twilight and Rob and I'm even counting the days 'till the movie has it's first pre-premiere 'cause I've already bought tickets :D

So, now you know what I think about Twilight. Maybe you're obsessed like me or maybe you don't like this but let me know what you're thinking about it

p.s. for the guys who havn't watched the trailer yet and don't know what Twilight is ~ I added it for you
Maybe you like it and read the book, too :D


2.1.09 23:06


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