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Hi. Thanks for visiting my bℓog :D Hope you ℓike it. Pℓease comment and add me on Youtube & Myspace ℓots of ℓove - Jackyℓicious <3

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Vacation :)

After 7 weeks school we've vacation yeah?

I'm so happy, sleepin' long, stayin' awake 'till whatever

no homeword and i haven't to see these fukkin' ugly faces

Ok, my plans for these beautiful two weeks :

  • sleep long
  • have fun :D
  • play billiard
  • watchin' Tv
  • go shopping
  • make my homepages
  • kissin with my boyfriend
  • singin' songs etc.


Allright, maybe you've time to write me messages , add me on my websites ( Youtube & Myspace ) , comment & rate me.

Hope to hear you soon


1.10.08 22:55


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