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Hi. Thanks for visiting my bℓog :D Hope you ℓike it. Pℓease comment and add me on Youtube & Myspace ℓots of ℓove - Jackyℓicious <3

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Jackyℓicious x fifteen years oℓd x Germany - Düsseℓdorf x taken by the most beautifuℓ person on earth x ℓoves music <3

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Since nearℓy 1 our he ℓeft my door for 2 weeks.

My ℓove's going to an engℓish camp ...

He don't need this , he's the best with a 'very good' in every cℓasstest.

It's the hardest time for me ... our ℓast hug and ℓast kiss.

The pain's kiℓℓing me inside :x

I know you'ℓℓ think
'Hey , it's just for 2 weeks'

But without him it's ℓike something's missing.
Without him i'm not the same, i'm not compℓete.

I don't know what to do without him :/

I miss him so much, I'ℓℓ hope it'ℓℓ get better in few days.

But i think i won't eat much, I'm not hungry ...

19.7.08 19:54


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