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New moon

Hello guys.

I'm so excited !

Some weeks ago I saw the official "New Moon" Trailer and I loved it. Of course, some people say that it's a little bit boring, but I don't agree.

I guess it's totally Bella to cut herself because of paper, i really like that part. I love the scene where Jacob appears and Bella screams " Jake run ".

Actually the trailer has many mistakes, for example, Bella just touched her present and she cut herself ? The scene with Laurent is cut , too. In the book there were many wolves and then, there was only Jacob. Before he arrived he was shirtless and then he had a shirt on ? Really straaange.

But hey, check it out, it's great.


15.6.09 15:06


The Reason why I'm speaking english...

Hallo :]

Also, heute schreib ich mal auf Deutsch, aus dem einfachen Grund, weil mich jetzt schon einige angeschrieben hatten mit der Frage, wieso ich auf Englisch schreibe und nicht auf Deutsch, denn das hier ist ja eine deutsche Seite.

Ganz einfach, der erste und entscheidene Grund wieso ich Englisch schreibe ist, dass ich diese Sprache liebe. Es hat nichts damit zu tun das ich kein Deutsch kann oder sonst was, ich kann eigentlich sehr gut Deutsch schreiben, bevorzuge jedoch Englisch. Der zweite Grund für meinen englischen Blog ist, dass dieser auch von Freunden gelesen wird, die leider kein Deutsch sprechen. Drittens, denke ich das die meisten hier der englischen Sprache mächtig sind und ich mag außergewöhnliche Sachen.

Nun, ihr wisst jetzt wieso ich in Englisch schreibe, also bitte ich euch nicht noch mal nachzufragen.

Peace and love,


15.6.09 14:59


Helly Everyone

Just wanted to tell you my opinion about Twilight. So here's my story.

One month ago my friends were talking about the book and said " OMG It's better than Harry Potter " and I just thought " Oh shut up you're wrong " and I was really pissed off 'cause they were talking about Twilight the whole time. In lessons my friend wanted me to watch the trailer and I said ok, why not?
Yeah, of course, I've forgotten to watch it and she reminds me to watch the trailer after .. erm.. 3 weeks again :x
But then, I really watched the trailer and since the moment I saw that Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward I was blown away.
It's not that I didn't like him since Twilight ~ I liked him before.
At the next day I went to my friend for asking her to give me her book for reading and after 3-4 days I finished the book.
If was so hard to resist to read more 'cause it's so amazing and everytime you want to know what's going to happen with Bella and Edward so it takes you into an other world.
I was so into the book, I even heard their voices in my head. I really couldn't stop reading and yeah, I cried at the end of the book. Everyone should really read this awesome book.
Today, I'm really obsessed with Twilight and Rob and I'm even counting the days 'till the movie has it's first pre-premiere 'cause I've already bought tickets :D

So, now you know what I think about Twilight. Maybe you're obsessed like me or maybe you don't like this but let me know what you're thinking about it

p.s. for the guys who havn't watched the trailer yet and don't know what Twilight is ~ I added it for you
Maybe you like it and read the book, too :D


2.1.09 23:06


Whaaaat's up ?

 Ok after a long break I've recorded my first own song.

The melody's by Mariah Carey's - We belong together

but it's with my own lyrics

It's the present for my boyfriend 'cause we had our first annyversairy

 Pls comment, rate, favourite and subscribe me :D



22.11.08 22:25

New Song !


Please check out my new video called Almost Lover, a cover by A Fine Frenzy. Don't forget to comment, rate & subscribe me


9.11.08 16:33

Vacation :)

After 7 weeks school we've vacation yeah?

I'm so happy, sleepin' long, stayin' awake 'till whatever

no homeword and i haven't to see these fukkin' ugly faces

Ok, my plans for these beautiful two weeks :

  • sleep long
  • have fun :D
  • play billiard
  • watchin' Tv
  • go shopping
  • make my homepages
  • kissin with my boyfriend
  • singin' songs etc.


Allright, maybe you've time to write me messages , add me on my websites ( Youtube & Myspace ) , comment & rate me.

Hope to hear you soon


1.10.08 22:55

# Ain't no Sunshine when he's gone _

Since nearℓy 1 our he ℓeft my door for 2 weeks.

My ℓove's going to an engℓish camp ...

He don't need this , he's the best with a 'very good' in every cℓasstest.

It's the hardest time for me ... our ℓast hug and ℓast kiss.

The pain's kiℓℓing me inside :x

I know you'ℓℓ think
'Hey , it's just for 2 weeks'

But without him it's ℓike something's missing.
Without him i'm not the same, i'm not compℓete.

I don't know what to do without him :/

I miss him so much, I'ℓℓ hope it'ℓℓ get better in few days.

But i think i won't eat much, I'm not hungry ...

19.7.08 19:54

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